DIY Additional TV Points

DIY Installing Additional Television points

There are plenty of so called DIY kits available for you to add your own additional TV Points; however there are some things you need to know before you try:


  • You will also need some basic equipment and tools in order to get the job done.
  • Digital Televisions need a good digital antenna, digital cable, correct connectors, splitters, wall plates and antenna cords.
  • Each of these items is usually covered by an Australian Digital Broadcasting standard.
  • There are tips and tricks on installing digital antennas or extra digital outlets not thew least of which is having the right meters to test signal strength all the way along the path from the Antenna to the Wall Plate.
  • The of course you will have to get up into the roof cavity. Not to mention you will also need to be able to run cabling your walls and drill the wholes down the studs.
  • And if you are still keen we buy all of our high quality coaxial cable & fittings to eliminates interference & ensure brilliant picture quality at trade prices.


So with all that in mind how about this for an unbelievable offer:

Additional Television Points fully installed from just $80.00!!!